The Vermont Card Company is a stationery brand based in Pleasant Valley, Vermont.

We are a family-owned business creating cards & notes for Main Street shops across the US.


Our family ancestry traces its roots in Vermont across eight generations to the 1810 arrival of David and Polly Howe in Tunbridge. In this branch of the family, the youngest generation is a proud blend of English, Irish, and Indigenous American.

Located as we are—at the heart of Vermont's Green Mountains—our designs are infused with a sense of place. "Contemporary New England meets big color" is how one of our valued Stockists describes our modern-classic aesthetic. We think that's accurate; the reserved "less-is-more" minimalism of our designs enhances our generous use of color.

Our passion for color and New England life is reflected in every card we create. It is the four seasons of this Northeast reach of the United States that inspires our love of color and seasonal traditions. 

Our work also draws upon New England's rich history.  This means our found-no-wherelse designs can be more expensive compared to mass made products, this reflects the research, artistry and materials put into making them. There are companies and designers who do a great job responding to trends, but that's not us. We are doing our own thing. 

We love that our company is rooted in one of the most beautiful and rural places in New England. The gratitude we have for our customers and Stockists is woven into our company culture—we are driven to create uniquely beautiful cards & notes for your favorite stores.



            Eileen Foster, Vermont Card Ceo