Our Cards & Notes are sold primarily to small business retailers.  In the Internet age, partnering with our loyal Brick & Mortar Stockists in this way helps create and retain healthy Main Streets that thrive as shopping destinations and economic engines for their regions.


Beyond supporting local economies, selling our flagship products to small businesses supports our company values. We think shopping locally creates healthier, happier people and communities. We encourage everyone to #shopMain.

People innately understand that small businesses contribute to the unique character of their communities. Shopping at an Indie Bookstore, Country Store, Mom & Pop, or Gift Shop offers incomparable charm and convenience. The big box stores just can't replicate the shopping experience of places like Chatham, Old Port, or Woodstock where local merchants carefully curate merchandise in stores with tremendous visual appeal.


 We hope everyone will resolve to walk, visit and shop on Main Street in 2021.

#shopLocal  #shopSmall  #shopMain.